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Book Cheap Flights From Australia to Anywhere in India, USA, Canada

If you are looking for a vacation full of sun, surf, and serenity, nothing can serve you better than the lands of Australia. To travel across India, USA or Canada, Surffares has the best flight booking system in place that not only saves you big money but also turns out quick and convenient. It may be difficult to bag slashed prices directly from airlines or through a big search engine. They do not reveal the low cost deals online. But, we try to get all of them for our customers and our years of experience helps us achieve this. We are here to bring the ease of flight booking to your fingertips.

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How to Book Cheap Flights to India ?

The air routes between India and Australia experience an unending rush all around the year. Luckily, many flights operate between the countries. You can choose from non-stop flights and last-minute flights using the Surffares booking platform. While people from Australia love to visit India for embracing the varied landscape, Indians find eternal peace in the scenic settings and tranquil outbacks of Australia.

With Australia being the hub of international studies and courses, many Indian students vouch for experiencing such a world-class educational system. Many students travel to and from Australia several times during the year. You can ask for student discounts when booking from Surffares.

If not a student, call us and get a deal. We will search and customize your bookings based on your itinerary and other preferences so it costs you below your budget.


Get Low Cost Round Trips and One-Way Flights on Australia - USA Trips

The flight route between Australia and the USA is not the shortest on the planet. However, with ease of air travel and the facilities provided by the best airlines in the world, passengers can experience a safe and sound journey. Many citizens from the USA visit Australia to experience the magic of tourist destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Great Ocean Road, Sydney Harbour Bridge, etc. On the other hand, Australians travel to the USA for several business prospects, looking to expand their operations internationally or to reunite with friends and family. Overall, the route stays busy and is full of passengers from different categories. But worry not as Surffares can get you the cheap flight tickets with the most competitive pricing.

Australia to Canada Flights (Round Trips and One-Way Flights)

Traveling between Australia and Canada is common for holidays, studies and reunions with friends and family. If you are traveling to Canada for any of these reasons, let us know your preferred dates and we will tell you the best days and airlines to travel. There are days when flights are cheap and you can save a lot of money by booking those tickets. You may not find these deals online as ticketing services as well as airlines sell them offline. Get the UNPUBLISHED DEALS from Surffares.

People from Canada also visit Australia for business purposes and to set up new branches in developed cities like Sydney. Besides, the import and export business also guides individuals to travel between the two countries throughout the year. Countries like Canada witness a huge flux of tourists during the Christmas season and Australians are no exception. This makes the ticket booking a problematic affair for many. And this is when Surffares come into Play. Making booking a Child’s Play, we can help you book with the desired prerequisites as per the time you deem ideal.

Tips for booking flights from Australia

Use the following tips to find affordable flights to India, Canada and the USA.
  • When booking, do take care of the date of travel. Usually, weekends are the days when the price of tickets is the highest. You can look to book on weekdays such as Tuesdays and Thursdays. Avoid booking on Mondays as many people are returning from their journeys on that day
  • You can book midday flights that are usually cheaper as compared to morning flights. Flights that take off early in the morning are usually less in demand and hence, are cheaper when traveling to/from Australia.
  • Since Australia is quite far from countries like the USA, India, or Canada, booking a nonstop flight might be cumbersome. Also, the expensive tickets can hinder your vacation budget. Try to choose layover flights instead.
  • If you want to avoid a rush while traveling to or from Australia, try to avoid booking in December or November. For November, December travel, ensure to book in advance.
  • Booking at least a couple of months in advance will ensure that you are booking cheap flights to India, USA, and Canada. Last-minute flights are the most expensive ones. If you miss out on advance booking, call us to get the last minute deals.
  • Try choosing a round trip instead of a one-way ticket. This can help you grab more deals when booking flights from Australia to India, USA, or Canada.
  • Keep visiting the Surffares website to check out the exclusive deals and season sales offered by various airlines.

We can save you lots of money for your next trip. Act quickly on deals to grab unimaginable savings.

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Surffares FAQs

Q1. Is there a direct flight from Australia to the USA?

Ans- since there are lots of airlines operating in the modern world we are living in, there are quite a few options when it comes to traveling directly from Australia to the USA. There are direct non-stop flights from Sydney to Honolulu, San Francisco, Honolulu, Dallas, and Houston. You can also travel from Melbourne to San Francisco or Honolulu. Some of the airlines operating these flights include Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Australian Airlines Jetstar.

Q2. Are flights from India to Australia open now?

Ans- Welcoming travelers, Australia resumed its normal flight operations in February 2021. The travel is open without any quarantine but on the grounds that the passengers are fully vaccinated with both doses of Covid-19.

Q3. Can I get a direct flight from Australia to Toronto?

Ans- For some unexplained reason, the flight passage from Australia to Toronto is not very fruitful for major airlines. Currently, only Air Canada is flying directly from Australia to Toronto. Flights like Qantas offer codeshare flights that have stops in the USA. You can book a non-stop flight easily with great discounts on Surf Fares.

Q4. Which month is the cheapest to fly to Australia?

Ans- Australia faces a huge rush in and around the festival season. The airfare is the cheapest when the festive season is not around the corner. The cheapest time is from May to the first week of June. You can also book cheap flights to Australia from the third week of July till September. Usually, the time around December when Christmas is near is the busiest.

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