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Our cancellation policy has been modified recently which assures minimum penalties for cancellation. Under certain circumstances which include inclement climatic conditions and affected environment or any of the social and political issues, airlines may have sudden changes in their flag issues, causing flight delay or the situation may lead to the cancellation of the bookings.

We may make some important changes in our trip with due course of time which is made before our scheduled departure according to the information provided at the time of booking. Such information may have some influential effects on the journey.

Parallely, we need to contact our agents or clients whoever had made the bookings, in order to make some other necessary changes regarding the trip. In case, if the flight is cancelled, airlines also provide its customer with the necessary and complete details of other routes and dates which help its passengers to book different flights under the same budget and same class, if airlines assure it.

If the time allows doing so before departure assured to provide the passengers with the following option to pick from:-
  • Either the passenger has to adjust with the changes made or we can get the bookings for any alternative tour but of the same class which will be considered as a new booking. In other cases, compensation or refund will be made.
  • Under certain policies, we try to make full efforts and try every so possibilities to refund you the full amount that you spend while booking the tickets in case of the cancellation.
  • In some cases, when passengers are unsatisfied with the adjustments made, they may choose alternate options.
  • Adjustment policies will only be followed in the case when the traveller is adult.

In case, when the flight is cancelled or certain changes are made and if the situation is out of our hands, we can not assure you any type of refund or compensation.

If there is any query related to the booking or cancellation of tickets, we can forward the whole scenario to the airlines on your behalf and the only thing we can do is requesting them to provide you with certain solutions. But we can not make promises related to compensation or refund due to the reason that everything depends on the airlines only.


One of the major plus points of the airlines is that we can proceed with the cancellation process just by making a phone call to the booking centre.

If not elaborately discussed or specified, special packages like vacation packages as well as airline tickets are mostly non-refundable.

You will receive an email just after you apply for cancellation of the ticket to the customer care executive which assures that your request has been accepted. But this does not mean that you will get the refund after the cancellation unless it is confirmed by the executive.

There are certain fare rules that must be followed while working with airlines or other suppliers. Your refund can only be initiated after confirming whether the fare rules allow us to do so or not. It could take 4 to 6 business weeks in order to refund you the payment.

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