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As a state of your utilization of the Services, you warrant that:

  • 1) Your age is at least 18 years;
  • 2) You have the lawful authority to make a binding lawful commitment;
  • 3) You will utilize the Services as per these Terms;
  • 4) You will just utilize the Services to make appropriate reservations for you or for another person for whom you are legally approved to act;
  • 5) You will illuminate such other person about the Terms and Conditions that apply to the reservations you have made for their sake, including all rules and limitations material thereto;
  • 6) All data provided by you to the Services is valid, exact, current and complete;

We hold the privilege at our sole attention to deny access to any of the Services we offer, whenever and in any reason, including, however not restricted to, for the negligence of these terms.


The very first and main motive of the Surffares is consumer satisfaction. We will try our best to solve your problems or any type of disputes. But, in the event that we are unsuccessful, you may seek claims as clarified in the following section. You consent to offer us a chance to determine any problems or claims that are related anyhow to the Services, any dealings with our agents that provide customer service, any administrations or items gave any representations made by us, or our Privacy Policy ("Claims") by going through the Surffares You may also seek for claims with the help of alleviation or with the help of small courts if we are unable to resolve your issues your claims within 60 working days.


Surffares has faith in ensuring your protection. You can also click here to know about our current Privacy Policy which also contains your usage of this website. It contains data and info about how Surffares gathers, utilizes and reveals data through the Services.


There is a variation between our cancellation services as they shift from the services or the package of administrations that are already sold. You can discover all the data and information related to the cancellation of the integration with the administration here. Over the span of any missing data on the unique situation, you should feel free to contact our customer care executive at the time of purchase or earlier.


Any change made after your purchase is confined. Flight timings can be altered subject to accessibility. What's more, the contrast at the expense of the original cost and the least cost of the new flight is made. On the off chance that any cancellations are made, at that point, the cost will be given by our providers. On the off chance that you want to cancel any flight, you can't escape from paying the amount that you have to pay to Surffares. Whatever the reason is, if you are unable to enjoy the provided services, you won't get any discount or cashback. Cancellation charges are applied if you want to make any changes or if you decide to go for new bookings by dropping the past booking then you will be provided with the notifications before any changes are made.


We will be pleased to hear from you. You must be aware that if you submit the content to this website through E-mail, postings on this Website or something else, which includes photographs, videos, queries, remarks, proposals, ideas or the like contained in any entries, you give Surffares and the associated, co-branded and additionally connected site accomplices through whom we give administration a nonexclusive, eminence free, never-ending, transferable, irreversible and completely sub-licensable appropriate to:

  • (a) Use, recreate, change, adjust, interpret, circulate, distribute, make subsidiary works from and publicly show and perform such Submissions all through the world in any media, presently known or in the future conceived; and
  • (b) Utilize the name that you submit regarding such Submission.

You recognize that Surffares may give attribution of your comments or surveys (such as posting your name and hometown on an audit that you submit) at our prudence and that such entries might be imparted to our provider accomplices or new clients. We assume no liability and accept no risk for any Submissions posted or published by you. We have no commitment to post your comments; we save the privilege in our total caution to figure out which remarks are distributed on the Website.

If you don't consent to these Terms, kindly don't furnish us with any Submissions. You are completely responsible for the content of your Submissions. You are not allowed to post or transmit from this Website:

  • (a) any unlawful, compromising, slanderous, abusive, foul, obscene, or other material or substance that would damage privileges of exposure or privacy that would disregard any law;
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  • (c) any material or substance that encroaches, misuses or abuses any copyright, trademark, patent right or other exclusive rights of any other person.

It will be completely your responsibility for any harms that will be coming from any of the infringement of the previous restrictions, or any of the damages that will be leading to any harm because of your posting of the contents on this Webpage. You recognize that Surffares may practice its rights (for example use, distribute, erase) to any content you submit without notice to you.


The data being displayed on about Airlines special offers for Air Tickets is for the round trip and INCLUSIVE OF ALL TAXES. There's no Hidden expense and the data provided here is liable to accessibility. The best charges that you see here are given by the aircraft for Canada to India and are regularly updated as the data here may not generally confirm that whether the seats are available or not. Surffares' group is the only reliable source to assure the accessibility in regards to the fares updated nearby.

Entire Agreement

All of these terms and conditions include the mutual understanding of both of us, i.e. Surffares and the traveler. Surffares makes no certification that action will be taken if anyone disobeys these terms and conditions and no waiver or adjustments will be made under any arrangement except if these terms and conditions are not marked by both the parties.

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