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Top Tips on how to get a Discount on Flight Tickets

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Finding discount on flights can be a challenging task, especially with recent skyrocketing fuel prices and the outage of a significant number of airlines. While there are various strategies to get your hands on the best offers on flights, their effectiveness can vary.

Moreover, a popular misconception that most people believe in is that the best time to book international flights is to book them in advance. However, this isn’t always the case to guarantee a discount. There are several factors that influence flight booking discounts.

To help navigate the complexity of flight booking and how to get discount on flights tickets, Surffares is listing the top six tips. Stay tuned to save on flights.

6 Tips on How to Get a Discount on Flights Tickets

Below are some well-sorted tips to help you get discounts on both domestic and international flights:

Fly During Working Weekdays

Choosing to fly during the workweek, particularly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, can lead to cost savings. This is because these days are less famous to travel

Figure out the best time to book a ticket and get flying discounts with Surffares.

Go for Credible Flight Booking Companies

Many airline/flight booking companies have official websites to make it simpler for customers to identify inexpensive days to travel using a customized ‘calendar view’ system.

This feature allows you to scan prices ranging across the week or month in which you are looking to travel.

Time of Departure is Important

You might also find less expensive flights if you opt for flying early in the morning. Flights at less popular times, such as 6 AM, are often cheaper.

However, the main challenge is getting to the airport at such early hours. Also, make sure public transportation is available, or ensure you have a taxi or a ride arranged beforehand.

Go Incognito When Looking for Cheap Tickets

Browing in incognito mode is crucial for securing great discounts on flights. Flight fares are usually based on demand. This means the airline companies track the number of searches and purchases for specific flight locations to calculate their prices.

Moreover, if you often check particular flights, you may notice the price increasing because the flight booking companies can detect your interest and may raise the fares to make more money from you.

So, to prevent this from happening , clear your search cookies and compare the change in prices before and after erasing the history.

Book Flight Tickets Using a Credit Card

There are several benefits to paying for a flight ticket through a credit card. One of them being is you’re protected when you make bigger purchases. For instance, if you’re spending more than $100 on a flight ticket, you will easily get a refund if the travel company goes out of business.

However, the same may not be the case if you’re buying your ticket using a debit card. So, make sure you check first. Moreover, credit cards are beneficial for spending in a foreign nation and offer you better exchange rates than you would get on a debit card.

Furthermore, various credit cards provide you with air miles for each amount of money spent, therefore helping you save a bit more on flight tickets. They may also offer you a certain amount of cash back.

Avoid Last-Minute Deals; Book in Advance

One of the most common misconceptions is that people wait for last-minute deals to secure discounts on air tickets. However, this is not always the case.

To get the lowest or most discounted deals, it’s recommended to book your tickets well in advance. Sometimes, it’s wiser to book as early as a year ahead, especially when they are released early.

Moreover, prior booking is particularly important if your journey intertwined with children’s school holidays or other major events. During this time, the prices of flights tend to skyrocket as demand increases dramatically. Therefore, to get your hands on the best flight offers, make your reservations before others do.


If you’re flying in the upcoming months, let’s say September, and you’re seeking exciting fare deals, now would be the perfect time to book flights. The real solution always lies in flexibility. If you’re flexible enough with your destination and travel dates, you have high chances of grabbing exclusive flight booking discounts.

Moreover, adhere to the list we have shared in this blog on how to get a discount on air fares. If you need professional assistance, feel free to contact Surffares.

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