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Name Change on Flights Tickets: Everything you Need to Know

There are many options available for making changes to a flight booking.

The flight ticket name change  is a problem we may come across after making the booking — spelling errors, adding the last name to the ticket, a name change because of legal concerns, and more.

In this post, we will discuss if it is feasible to change the name on booked flight tickets and what rules and regulations are applied for the same for popular US-based airlines.

Can You Replace the Name on a Plane Ticket?

According to Delta Airlines’ name change policy, passengers are not permitted to correct the name on the ticket completely. However, Delta Airlines does allow minor modifications, permitting changes in up to three characters in the first, middle, or last name.

However, if there is a clerical error for more than three characters, a name change on flight tickets can be done following the airline’s policies.

Other than that, under any situation, the airline does not permit name changes on the tickets.

Exploring Name Change Procedures with Other Leading Airlines

Every airline has its own rules and regulations when it comes to name rectification. When you rectify the name, you need to have the following official papers.

. Government-issued Id
. Marriage certificate
. Legal divorce orders

Can You Amend the Name on a Plane Ticket of Southwest Airlines?

The name change for Southwest flight tickets is non-interchangeable. The airline only permits you to fix spelling mistakes. However, you cannot change the whole name. In addition, this airline permits Flight ticket name change for up to four characters.

Can You Replace the Name on a Plane Ticket of Spirit Airlines?

This airline permits the rectification of misspellings or legal name changes. Reach out to the airline at this link to appeal a Spirit Airline name change.

In the event of a Flight ticket name change, you may be asked to present supporting documents.

Can You Change the Name on a Plane Ticket of Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Air does not permit flight tickets to be transferred to another person. However, passengers who are not able to utilize the airline ticket have an alternative option to cancel their reservation online.

Can You Swap the Name on a Plane Ticket of Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines permits name changes because of legal concerns or fixing clerical errors and is bound to 75 USD per passenger.

Can You Switch the Name on a Plane Ticket of JetBlue Airways?

Following JetBlue Airways’ name change procedure, the airline permits one name correction per passenger. However, these correction requests involve misspellings, the latest legal names, and mid-travel name rectifications.

Can You Change the Name on a Plane Ticket of United Airlines?

This airline permits simple name-correction appeals, such as arranging the spelling of first and last names, switching a name to/from a nickname, and rectifying the title.

However, United Airlines’ name change policy also permits important name change appeals like a marriage license, divorce decree, valid name change, and government-provisioned photo identification.

Can You Change the Name on a Plane Ticket of American Airlines?

The airline permits name corrections up to three figures or less. The name cancellation appeal must be made two hours before the planned departure.

Last Name Change on a Plane Ticket

Many times, travelers come with a request to change their last name or put another last name on the flight ticket. It’s because of:

. Marriage
. Divorce
. Travelers who forgot to include their last name so that it matches the full name on their passports or government-issued photo IDs.

International Flights and Name Changes

For all global flights, despite the airlines, the name on the ticket must exactly match the one on the government-issued photo IDs. Moreover, many international airlines do not permit name changes on international flight tickets. For instance,

. Qantas
. American Airlines
. Emirates
. Air India

Ideas to Travel During Your Name Change

Can you switch the last name on a Plane Ticket? Yes, you can! Here are the five tips you must know while traveling during the name change situation:

. Married people always book travel in their first name. However, it takes at least 30 days for    the marriage certificate to be issued.

. Married people will travel depending on the name displaying on the government-issued      photo IDs.

. TSA does not take up a marriage certificate as the source of recognition. You must carry a driver’s license and passport.

. Always go for travel insurance, if you feel your partner or co-traveler may make a mistake in the name while booking the flight.

. The State Department needs at least five weeks to reproduce a new passport. Always plan your travel according to that.


Here we have brought you all the information regarding whether can you change the name on a plane ticket. Yes, airlines all over the world permit correcting legal name changes. The reasons for making these appeals are varied.

We hope all this above guidance proves to be helpful to you. We don’t want you to hold up on anything. Our key objective is to serve your intent. For more such valuable updates, stay connected to our website,

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