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Summer Flight Deals for India Travel

If you think Summer is the time to enjoy a quick vacation with your friends and family, right now is the best time to book your flight. Travelling or booking around this time becomes a hassle due to the heavy rush on flight booking sites, especially to book roundtrips between USA-India or Canada-India. But, Surffares still makes it easier with chosen flights and select offers.

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It is not too late to get cheaper flights if you want to travel during April-September as Surffares is always there to help you out in any situation. The sooner you book, the better you get!!

Surffares brings you the opportunity to secure excellent deals on flights to India. Choose our easy bookings to get the cheapest possible flights for a comfortable journey and secure online booking.

Best time to book flights for Summer 2020

If you are travelling during the peak season, it would be challenging for you to get cheaper flight tickets online. During Summer, the demand for flight tickets goes high. As a result, the airfare also goes high according to the need of the passengers.

The best time to book Summer flights in order to get cheaper tickets is during the month of Feb-March or early April.

If you haven’t booked your flights yet, you do not need to worry because, at Surffares, you can get your flight tickets at an affordable price at the last minute. Get some amazing deals and offers while booking last-minute flights with us.

How to find cheap flights in Summer?

You should plan your trip right now in order to get cheaper flights. Planning trips at least 10 days before the departure may help you in getting preferable discounts.

Try being a travel hacker. Travelling during ‘unpopular’ times (late evening or early morning) may save you a lot of money.

Try looking for a flight booking agency that can help you in booking cheaper flights.

Popular Summer Destinations in India

Here is a list of some of the popular Christmas destinations in India:

Manali- When snow combines with Christmas, this festival becomes more beautiful and appealing. A lot of people travel to Manali to celebrate Christmas and experience the beauty of this place.

Shimla- Shimla is a country with very small population, and most of the people follow Christianity due to which Christmas is celebrated with great joy and fanfare at this place. You must plan your Christmas holidays in Shimla if you want to spend a peaceful Christmas vacation.

Pachmarhi- If you look for a peaceful hideaway where you can forget the city life for a while and feel every breath you take.

Major attractions include primeval caves and various falls- Bee Fall, RajatPrapat, DhootAkhilesh, GuptMahadev, Dhupgarh, Apsara Falls, HandiKhoh and Chauragarh.check more of summer destinations in India.

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