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Surffares is here to make your trip to the USA unforgettable, under budget. We can help you discover flight and price options to the USA that airlines don’t want you to see. With a knack for helping you get the best flight, our online booking platform reveals the top deals and offers, making your travel affordable. You can also explore alternative routes and flights to the USA by comparing different flying options, right here on our platform.

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What is the best time to fly to the USA?

Usually, people love flying to the USA in January. This is the time when the festive days are over and many people love enjoying winter vacations in the land of opportunity. Interestingly, the fares are 10% higher during this peak season. On the contrary, July is the low season for visiting the USA. Due to the summer heat, many passengers chose an alternative destination. If you are willing to avoid the crowd and save on deals, July might be a good time to plan the vacation. Fares are 3% less expensive on average during this month.

Visa requirements for traveling to the USA

Every passenger needs to apply for a tourist visa. You can do this by visiting one of the U.S. embassies in India. Make sure that you start the process at least two weeks before the date of the journey. It is important to note that most flight connections between India and the US are taking place in various countries of Europe or West Asia unless you are choosing the expensive non-stop flight option. When you are opting for the non-direct flight, you need to apply for a separate visa or the transit visa. For instance, some flights travel through or stop in London, Dubai, or Frankfurt while traveling to the USA. The time may extend to 48 or even 96 hours for these flights. Make your plans, choose your flights and then apply for the transit visa to ensure things are done in an organized manner.


Airlines between USA and India

Several international airlines operate between the two countries on a regular basis. Some of the prominent names include Air India, Lufthansa, Emirates, Air France, British Airways, American Airlines, KLM, Delta, Turkish Airlines, etc. There are various US-based airlines such as United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Air Canada that offer regular flights.

Preferably, Air India is one of the best choices for people traveling from India to the USA. The carrier is the largest in India and offers several direct, non-stop, and layover flights between the two countries. The average time for a direct flight from India to the US will take around 21 hours and 32 minutes. The total distance covered by a flight is 13073km. The airport Mumbai and New York form the points of the most popular route. The minimum time recorded is around 18h 50 minutes.

Basic tips to remember before visiting the US from India

For anyone visiting a western country like the US, certain tips will ensure a peaceful stay and familiarity with the culture in the country. Let's explore these:
  • Do make it a habit to use words like ‘sorry, please, excuse me, thank you, pardon me, and welcome’ in your conversation. This is a gesture that shows that you are respectful to others.
  • When you walk across the street and if a stranger bumps into you, he will always greet you with a smile. Don’t forget to smile back.
  • Treat everyone with equal dignity and respect. No matter the type of occupation or service they provide, you should always be polite and respectful to everyone in the US.
  • It is a custom to give tips to someone who is providing you their services. Giving at least 20% tip is considered the best service to humanity in the country. Various professional classes such as delivery guys, drivers, airport transfer staff, etc, are expected to be tipped.
  • Irrespective of the service offered, don’t forget to say thank you to the person. Even if you have not paid for the service, don’t forget to thank the person for his good behavior.
  • Irrespective of the service offered, don’t forget to say thank you to the person. Even if you have not paid for the service, don’t forget to thank the person for his good behavior.
  • When you see other Indians in the US, don’t get overexcited. Avoid asking questions like ‘are you an Indian?’ Likewise, avoid staring at other Indians in a weird manner which might make them feel uncomfortable.
  • If you are not well-versed in English, open YouTube and learn some regular phrases commonly used in conversations in the US.
  • Lastly, always stand in a queue and never jump or break the line. Never hurry and wait for the next person to finish the job. Keep an arm’s length distance from the front person.

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Surffares FAQs

Q1. What are the best places to visit in the US?

Ans- The US has a myriad of famous iconic tourist destinations that will give you the worth of your money. For starters, you can add to your list, names such as the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Golden Gate bridge, Space center Houston, Las Vegas, Oahu Island, Miami Beach, and Beverly Hills. Since the places are scattered across the entire country, it is best to view them in an organized manner. Plan your itinerary accordingly.

Q2. What is the cheapest flight from India to the USA?

Ans- The cheapest fare ever found for a flight between USA and India is Rs. 39,322 for a round-trip. The ticket fare is subject to change at any moment and is the total calculated after applying various discounts and deals and redeeming reward points. The best route offering the cheapest flight is from Mumbai to New York.

Q3. Which airlines offer the most flexible cancellation policies for India to USA flights?

Ans- Big names like Air India, United Airlines, and American Airlines are on the top for the most flexible cancellation policies. All of these airlines also waved off the change and cancellation charges during the peak Covid-19 times.

Q4. How does Surffare’s portal help me choose the best flight?

Ans- Created to help users get the flight they want, the portal shows the accurate and latest fares. The website also helps by comparing different ticket prices from different airlines. Using the recent historical data, the automated web software will determine which is the best route and the cheapest flight tickets available for the USA on the date you wish to travel.

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