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It goes without saying that there may only be one best day to book flights, such as Tuesday, when you can find the cheapest flights. It has some truth, but it is not the whole story, just like any myth. 

The truth is that, depending on the demands in real time, flight prices fluctuate continuously throughout the day. Airlines do not observe weekly restocking days the same way a grocery store does. Hence, you won’t find deals by waiting until Tuesdays to book.

If you are planning to travel on Saturdays or during the week, when there is less demand than usual, you might not find even slight savings. In this blog, we will help you find the cheapest day to book a flight and more.

Traveling on Tuesdays and Fridays Will Help you Avoid the Crowds Early in the Week. 

The most expensive days to depart for domestic flights are Sundays and Mondays. Additionally, flying on Tuesdays or Fridays could be a fantastic choice if you are unable to travel on the most affordable days. The mean airfare is approximately 12% less than the peak Sunday rates on these days. 

Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest days to fly internationally 

On the other hand, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the  cheapest days to book flights for travelers abroad. That’s said, there is a big difference in price across the days of the week for most international routes.

Fly on the Holidays 

Holidays are a different animal altogether. Increased air travel before holidays leads to limited seat availability and higher fares on Labor Day or Independence Day due to heightened demand.

To get the best discounts, make your reservation in advance. Airlines frequently provide flexible cancellation policies, so you can book now at a reasonable price and rebook later if the price drops.

For the best deals, Google Flights’ 2023 data suggests booking a mid-December holiday flight 71 days in advance of departure.

Booking flights further from the holiday, like flying on Tuesday before a Monday holiday, often yields lower costs compared to Friday before. Flying on the actual vacation is another option to consider. For instance, flying on Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day is usually cheaper than flying on  the days before and after.

How to Discover Low-Cost Flights Any Day of the Week 

Plan ahead by one to three months. Flight prices vary daily, but there’s a window to book before prices rise, emphasizing timing over specific days for securing cheaper fares. The flight deals aggregator Going suggests booking domestic flights two to three months in advance to avoid price increases closer to departure, resulting in travel arrangements that are affordable.

Securing last-minute flight deals is rare, increasing the chance of seat unavailability as desired flights may sell out, emphasizing the importance of early booking. You should also leave two to eight months in advance if you are traveling abroad. 

Examining flight costs prior to the ideal booking window does not hurt. On occasion, Google Flights for Istance appears in search results when it anticipates the lowest prices based on past data for your particular route.

1. Set a price alert. 

Allow a computer program to handle the task for you. Set up a price alert on a travel search engine of your choice to avoid having to check flight prices daily.

2. Reebok  If  You  Find  a Cheaper  Price 

Most airlines now have more accommodating cancellation and change policies, which makes it easier to rebook your flights and save money .

First, you need to make sure there are no changes or cancellation fees associated with the original flight reservation. 

Most airlines offer complimentary amenities on domestic and select short-haul international flights for passengers in the main cabin and premium class tickets. Generally speaking, basic economy tickets cannot be changed or canceled for free.

Set a price alert and cancel or modify without incurring fees. When the price drops, you can cancel your flight and rebook  to get the cheaper price .

3. Be flexible with your destination, Airport and dates. 

Cheap travel still adheres to the golden rule. Be flexible. Use Google Flights and leave the destination field empty to see if there are any less expensive places to travel. If you have a specific destination in mind, check the airports nearby and use the calendar views to find better deals on alternate dates.

The ideal time to book flights and travel is when it’s most economical, varying by destination and timing. Optimize savings for seamless journeys.


Discover the best days to book flights and price fluctuations tied to demand . Stay informed for budget friendly travel plans and a seamless experience . Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually less expensive for international travel, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays may offer some savings for domestic travel. 

Prices may rise during the holidays due to higher demand. To get the best deals, though, schedule ahead of time, create price alerts, and be adaptable with regard to airports and dates. And for more such updates, stay connected to our website,  Surffares

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