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There is more to affordable travel than just getting a deal on your ticket. Transportation fees, such as taxi and bus fares, airport services, and meal costs, can be very expensive when traveling from most expensive airports.

Here, we have compiled a list of  American airports that are the most expensive for US flights. Which cost the most?.  

List of most expensive airports

These airports are on the list of the priciest ones. 

  • La guardia 

Well-known for its vibrant environment and close proximity to New York City, ,La guardia 

The list claims that this is the most expensive  airports in the United States. 

Also, with daily rates up to $45 for short-term parking, travellers face increased charges, highlighting the high cost of ease in this busy city.

  • International Airport in Salt Lake City, Utah 

Approximately 4 miles west of Salt Lake City’s downtown, Salt Lake City International Airport is a combined civil and military airport serving the United States. For more than 2.5 million people, the airport is the closest commercial airport, and in thirty minutes, nearly 1.3 million people can drive there.

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma’s Will Rogers World

Will Rogers World Airport, also known as Will Rogers, is a passenger airport in Oklahoma City, located  approximately 6 miles southwest of downtown. 

It is a civil-military air parking area that covers 8,081 acres. It is an 8,081-acre (3,270-hectare) civil-military airport.

Although Will Rogers World Airport is officially known as “Will Rogers” or “WRWA,” its IATA and ICAO codes are KOKC and OKC. 

  • Gerald R. Ford International (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

The commercial airport known as Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford International Airport is based in Cascade Township, about 13 miles southeast of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Further, the facility is held by the Kent County Board of Commissioners, and is supervised by an impartial body. 

As of July 2023, GRR operated flights to 33 airports throughout the United States. 

With a total area of 3,127 acres (1,265 ha), GRR is the most expansive commercial airport in West Michigan and the second largest in Michigan overall, behind Detroit Metropolitan.

  • Norfolk International (Norfolk, Virginia)

Norfolk International Airport is located within the limits of the independent city of Virginia, seven miles northeast of the city center. However, the Norfolk Airport Authority, a part of the local government, is in charge of it. 

Ground transportation options at the arrivals terminal include cabs, Lyft, Uber, and rental cars from Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, and National.

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International (Dallas, Texas)

The primary international airport serving the Dallas- Worth metroplex and the North Texas region of Texas, USA, is Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

 But American airlines primary hub, which is close to its headquarters, is the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. 

likewise, it was second overall in terms of passenger traffic and third in terms of aircraft movements globally in 2022 and 2023. Another top airport for US flights is Dallas…

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Minneapolis-St. Paul International

Often known as world -Chamberlain field, ,Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport ( MSP)

Is a public joint civil military airport in Minmesota that serves the twin cities.

It is in the Unorganized Territory of Fort Snelling. Despite being in an amorphous region, the airport is conveniently located—it is only 10 miles from Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul.

In addition to housing United States Air Force and Minnesota Air National Guard operations, the airport mainly handles commercial flights from major American and some international airlines. 

  • Ashington Dulles International (Washington, D.C.)

Dulles Airport was the first in the US to be built with commercial jets in mind, having opened in 1962. Covering 20 square miles and spanning 11,184 acres, Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is the largest of the three major airports in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area.

Eero Saarinen designed Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), named after John Foster Dulles.  In addition, it serves 32 airlines, acting as the primary international hub for the DC area.


Travel expenses include more than just the cost of the ticket; they also include transportation, lodging, and, for US flights, meal expenses in most expensive airports.  However ,LaGuardia Airport, close to NYC, tops the list with high parking fees, reflecting the pricey nature of convenience. Although it serves millions of people, Salt Lake City International Airport handles civil-military operations in a balanced manner.  

Norfolk International Airport in Virginia emphasizes convenient ground transportation.  Continue checking out Surffares, our website, for more helpful information.

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