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Humans crave excitement and adventure when it comes to traveling. Travel plans take a different turn if you are accompanied by a pet. If you own a dog or a cat, then it is obvious that you have queries regarding the safety and travel arrangements for your pet. Different countries have different pet policies for the transport of pets. 

If you own a pet and intend to travel to India from the USA then the following article is a must-read.  Budgeting for your travel expenses which include one’s pet travel also has to be considered. Each airline has laid down specific rules and regulations that need strict compliance while traveling with a pet.

Pet Travel Arrangements            

If you intend to travel with a pet on domestic routes in India then the fare is relatively cheaper. Many factors are taken into consideration while calculating the airfare for the pet, namely the weight of the pet, the size of the crate, the destination, and the route. 

The amount for relocating your pet in India by air travel would amount to a few thousand rupees. Additionally, one should factor in the time required to complete the documentation process required at the airport for the entry and exit of pets.

Also, making pet travel arrangements from one country to the other is a time-consuming process. Completing all the formalities and documentation for the travel of the pet is possible only if you have provisioned some days solely for this purpose.

Important Points for Pet Relocation

Planning a trip abroad along with your pet can be a tedious and lengthy process. You must have information pertaining to the type of animal, the destination country where you plan to reach, and also the scheduled date when you wish to start your journey. 

  • Additionally, you need to know whether the pet has to be sent in cargo or with a person in the cabin of the airplane. Another important point to consider is that you should have time to acclimate your pet to the crate environment in which you wish to transport your pet.
  • Discussing your travel concerns, and any health issues of the pet with your veterinarian will help you to take preventive measures during air travel.

Pet relocation from the USA to India, how much does it cost?

What is the expense of taking a dog from the USA to India?

Is it expensive to fly a cat from the USA to India?

What are the questions that bother you while planning to travel from the USA to India?

Cost for Pet Travel

Reading reviews of people who have traveled with their pets and have shared their experiences online will in a way be helpful to pet owners to shuffle through endless paperwork and other documentation processes. 

  • One can pay around $ 125 for an in-cabin pet ticket if one wishes to travel via American Airlines or United Airlines. The exact fee for the pet is usually known when one is booking the ticket.
  • If your cat or a dog flies as cargo then the expense will be more and the pet’s weight, size, age, and destination country has to be taken into consideration.
  • Another way to inquire about the travel cost of a cat or a dog from the USA to India would be to call the help desk of the airline. A pre-flight veterinary visit and pet carrier would incur additional charges during the relocation of the pet.
  • To give you an idea, if you fly with a small-sized dog via cargo within the same country then the expected cost would range from $270 to $300. If you own a large-sized, then airfreight charges can soar up to approximately $1000 for domestic travel but for international flights, this amount could be higher.

Two ways for your Cat’s travel

If the cat size is small and the carrier is also small it can be accommodated in front of the passenger which means that the pet can travel in the cabin. Moreover, if the pet weighs up to 20 pounds then it is easier to manage.

Each aircraft’s under-seat area varies and there are limitations on the number of pets that are allowed on the flight. Many flights do not permit booking a seat for one’s pet so it is advisable to check. If your cat is transported as carry-on luggage then the cost incurred is less. 

The second option is if your cat is flying as cargo which means that the cat travels in a compartment whose pressure and temperature are monitored.

If the cat is accompanying you as checked bags on the same flight or as shipping cargo in case the cat travels alone then one should schedule the flight to understand the shipping timelines.

In case you need to relocate your dog or cat and the pet is not accompanying you then there are Pet Taxis available.

Hiring a pet taxi service to transport your pet from the airport to your residence would be a prudent decision. The taxi driver would be proficient to handle the pet and the cost of transporting would be based on the distance covered, fuel cost, etc. 

Click on the following link to understand the paperwork required for the import of dogs or cats in India

To have more detailed information about the rules and regulations regarding pet travel, click on the following website

Hoping to solve your queries regarding pet travel, and the cost of taking a dog or cat from the USA to India, the above article would mentally prepare you for the running around that is required for the carriage of a pet from one country to the other.

The cost of taking a dog or a cat from the USA to India may vary as different airlines have a variable cost structure of tickets, transportation charges, and other miscellaneous expenses.

It is recommended to visit the airline’s website for booking the ticket and confirming the details of the pet, destination country, health issues of the pet, health and vaccination certificates, etc, thereby systematically completing the process.

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