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As an established and highly trusted travel agency, we have been getting a lot of queries for nonstop flights from the USA to India. Answering these queries was easy before the COVID-19 situation.

Now, the primary concern of callers is which nonstop flights from USA to India are operational.If you are also planning to book a flight to India, here’s the list of non-stop flights between USA and India.

List of non-stop flights from USA to India:-

  • San Francisco to Delhi (SFO-DEL) by Air India. This flight takes 15 hours and 55 minutes to travel.
  • San Francisco to Bengaluru (SFO-BLR) by Air India. This 16 hours-long journey is Air India’s longest non-stop route.
  • San Francisco to Delhi (SFO-DEL) by United Airlines. With a flight duration of 15 hours and 55 minutes, United Airlines has succeeded in making this non stop USA to India flightless time consuming than direct flights.
  • Chicago to Delhi (ORD-DEL) by Air India. This flight takes about 14 hours.
  • Chicago to Hyderabad (ORD-HYD) by Air India. Starting on January 15th 2021, this flight will take 15 hours and 40 minutes to cover the distance.
  • Chicago to Delhi (ORD-DEL) by United Airlines. Launched in December 2020, this flight is about a 14 hour long journey.
  • New York to Delhi (JFK-DEL) by Air India. This is one of the most popular routes of Air India flight booking and takes 13 hours and 55 minutes to cover the distance.
  • New York to Mumbai (JFK-BOM) by Air India. It’s a thrice-a-week non stop flight from New York to Mumbai.
  • New York to Mumbai (JFK-BOM) by Delta Airlines. The flight duration of this route by Delta Airlines is 15 hours.
  • Newark to Delhi (EWR-DEL) by Air India. Air India came in direct competition with United Airlines with this flight, and it takes only 13 hours and 40 minutes for the latter to cover the distance.
  • Newark to Delhi (EWR-DEL) by United Airlines. Takes 14 hours to complete the journey, 20 minutes more than Air India’s flight.
  • Newark to Mumbai (EWR-BOM) by Air India. Journey duration is just 15 minutes short of 15 hours.
  • Newark to Mumbai (EWR-BOM) by United Airlines. Roughly the same time as Air India.
  • Washington to Delhi (IAD-DEL) by Air India. Launched in 2017, this non stop flight takes 14 hours and 15 minutes to complete the journey.

Out of the 14 flights mentioned above, Chicago to Hyderabad (ORD-HYD) and San Francisco to Bengaluru (SFO-BLR) is newly introduced by Air India while Chicago to Delhi (ORD-DEL) is introduced by United Airlines.

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Important tips for taking non-stop flights:

Airports are some of the most confusing places on earth. For first-timers, the boards and signs may look like a part of a maze trial.

Hence, there are a few things you need to take care of when taking non-stop flights.

  • A non-stop flight can be long and tiring. In such a case, the cabin crew will always help you if you want any sort of medicine or blanket or anything else to comfort you for the long journey.
  • When you download the e-ticket for your non-stop flights, you can choose the meal online. You can even pre-book the seat you wish to travel on.
  • Always register your mobile number with the website or at the official airline portal while booking a non-stop flight. This will really help you out as you will get a notification in case the flight is delayed or if there is any rescheduling of arrival or departure.
  • Check the offers on bookings with your credit cards. There are always great offers given by the companies. You can also get free lounge access if your credit card has an offer related to it.
  • Always book a non-stop flight if you can take up hours of travel. While the flights will save you money, they may also be tiring as you have to sit for a long time without any breaks.
  • Always keep your nonstop flight ticket in a secured position that is safe and also handy. Avoid keeping it just in your hands as you can misplace it easily
  • Always use trolly to avoid fatigue. You may have to travel a lot in finding the ideal terminal for your non-stop flight.
  • Always come prepared with your IDs and cards with you. You might be asked anytime during checking.
  • Always pay attention to the airport announcements. You should know your flight number after boarding and there might be an announcement for your particular non-stop flight. Sometimes, the terminal is changed or the flight is delayed which is announced at the airport and you should not miss the announcement.
  • Know your limitations and airline policy for traveling. Get your check-in bagged scanned and hold things you may need during the flight in the cabin or at landing.
  • You can avoid the big line at airport check-in stations by simply downloading an e-boarding pass from the kiosks at the airports.

Advantages and disadvantages

One prime reason for the shortage of non-stop flights between India and the USA is the lack of proper demand and supply chain management.

This is aided by various other disadvantages and many advantages for common people.


  • As simple as that, non-stop flights offer shorter travel times and more coverage. They have no intermediate stops and hence, they cover the route quickest.
  • Non-stop flights are also faster. The flights don’t wait for another flight or passengers to come and board. Hence, the entire route is set to be the fastest.
  • Less hassle- the non stop flights do not ask the customers to wait or to change the flight. The passengers don’t have to wait to get the baggage from one terminal to another or wait for another flight. You simply sit and arrive at your destination.
  • Nonstop flights are less complicated. One need not face multiple connections or delays in boarding. The stress of catching the flight is also not present here. These offer seamless travel and a passenger needs only one single ticket and one boarding pass for the journey.


  • Fewer options- non-stop flights are limited. Since an exclusive plane is required without any stops, there are lesser flight choices. Usually, such kinds of flights are being operated only between the most crowded airports.
  • Fewer airlines– there are fewer airlines that offer nonstop flights as compared to those offering interconnected flights. This is because the expense is more and income is less on these flights. Some of the rare airlines offering non-stop flights between India and the USA are Delta, Air India and United Airlines.
  • Highly-priced– non-stop flights come at a price. Since you get the convenience of faster and hassle-free travel, airlines tend to ask for more fares on non-stop flights. However, you can look out for discounts and offers on various online booking websites for cheap flights.

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Future of non stop flights from USA to India

Given the fact that IATA is working on the Travel Pass app at full throttle, there’s a high probability that USA to India non stop flights will increase in future.

In the meantime, we have covered all the direct flights from US to India above. Book the one that suits you the best, and do let us know how your experience was.

And most importantly, we have researched all the authentic resources to bring you the right information about non-stop flights from USA to India.

In case of any changes or updates in the information, we’ll keep you posted. At the same time, we also request you to update us about the changes if you get to know them before we do.

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